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Peer produced futurism

A proposed course would tackle "futurism".

  • This project would be very interactive and we’d use a number of foresight tools, applying them on MetaCAugs, CICOLAB or Peeragogy. Of course, we could also apply the tools on other similar groups. The course would be modular, so you can pick and choose.
  • We'll use a number of tools such as the Federated Wiki. Roland did some experiments with the Federated wiki using the tool to describe patterns in futurism.

Foresights module

  • Collect Signals and Drivers and learn to use Federated Wiki, Discourse and collaborative documents
  • Develop a forecast (not a prediction)
  • Reveal unexpected possibilities
  • Create an artifact from the future
  • Prioritize possible actions
  • Build an Action Roadmap
  • Rally a Network